About Us

Blizzard Telecom was established in 2007 by Mark Jones and Martin Turner. They have over twenty years experience in growing telecom businesses and most notably owned Symphony Telecom before listing on the London Stock Exchange, and successfully exiting nine months later for £17 million.

Blizzard Telecom is a wholesale distributor of voice and data services and strives to offer a new and exciting approach to telecom resellers. The breadth of products in their portfolio is supported by keen commercials and a host of value added services all positioned to assist in their partners growing their business. A partnership with Blizzard extends beyond the simple Supplier/Customer relationship; we are committed to gaining growth by simply offering a transparent solution.

Over the years we have also set up a number of resale operations for independent dealers.  All have become highly profitable businesses and are still going strong today. We look forward to continuing this success with Blizzard.

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