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Web Listings

Increase your billing revenue while helping customers attract more business. The Web Listings service is an online solution that has been designed to help resellers provide more value to their customers while increasing their monthly billing revenue.

With a decline in billing revenue due to the transition from ISDN to SIP, Web Listings can help you increase revenue, and gain a competitive advantage.




The perfect addition to your portfolio:

Attractive Price Point
Web Listings sits well within the budget of smaller independent businesses as well as multi-national companies.

Easy-to-use Platform
Web Listings comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for complicated learning curves for both end-users and reseller partners.

Ease of Deployment
Web Listings is designed with bulk on-boarding in mind. We’ll onboard your customers with our 5-step deployment plan and grow your revenue in 4 weeks.

End-to-end Management
All back-end processes are handled for you, from on-boarding your customers to the platform to providing them with ongoing support.